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C Melody Saxophone Forum / C-Soprano Saxophones

TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Old french C sop on ebay 3 Sam ie Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
Aquilasax C soprano mouthpiece 1 Martin Jun 27th 5:51 PM
Inotation on Holton C-soprano 3 Biola Rotibi Apr 22nd 11:43 AM
Perfection C-Soprano 6 Alan Mount Mar 24th 10:55 AM
Im New 7 megatrendsZ Mar 18th 2:27 PM
New C Soprano Coming ... 4 Warren McLean Feb 25th 4:42 PM
First video of a C-Soprano ? 6 Alan (UK) '08 Feb 1st 2:48 PM
C Soprano Mouthpieces 9 Roger Strout Jan 28th 8:05 AM
C Soprano Mouthpiece 2 Paul (UK) Jan 1st 8:46 AM
C Sopranos mpcs ? 21 wmclean Nov 9th 1:44 AM
Looking for a C-soprano 10 Lou Oct 12th 7:16 PM
Dark Setup 10 Bryan Kendall Oct 12th 4:18 PM
C Soprano info required... 33 alan (uk) Oct 5th 10:45 PM
wulitzer soprano 9 Robert E. napier Sep 25th 7:52 PM
Need Buescher C-Soprano Parts 21 Dale Jul 26th 1:24 PM
Possible C Soprano on ebay 8 Paul(UK) Jul 11th 12:42 AM
Another C-Sop on Ebay 4 WW2 Jul 5th 5:49 PM
Curved C soprano 5 Graeme NZ Jun 21st 10:57 AM
(possibly) C-Sop mouthpiece on ebay 9 alan (uk) Jun 12th 3:18 PM
Another curved C sop 9 Sam (IE) Mar 28th 12:09 AM
Can you tell it's a C-Soprano ? 14 alan (uk) Feb 27th 8:39 AM
unknown C Soprano Sax 14 regin Dec 15th 5:32 AM
Early vs. later Buescher C soprano 18 KenK Dec 13th 9:38 AM
rare C sop mouthpiece 1 jazzbug1 Dec 12th 2:02 PM
How many c sopranos 2 jazzbug1 Nov 30th 2:35 PM
C-soprano 21 jazzbug1@aol Nov 30th 2:31 PM
Wanted Curved C Sopano Part 2 5 Mike the sax man Nov 21st 11:23 AM
Wanted - Curved C Soprano 6 Mike the sax man Nov 20th 10:35 PM
All good things must come to an end... 2 cmelodysax-uk Jul 6th 1:53 PM
wanted c sop 1 steafan May 5th 3:02 PM
C Melody Sax 1 Arkie Mar 13th 2:49 PM
Unknown key 6 Martin Feb 19th 4:22 PM
C Soprano, or something new... 2 ukebert Feb 4th 8:59 AM
New C-Soprano debate.. 59 cmelodysax-uk Jan 26th 2:54 PM
Oliver Ditson C Soprano 23 ukebert Jan 17th 9:39 AM
And now my C-Soprano has a real friend.. 1 cmelodysax-uk Dec 30th 7:16 AM
Buying a Buescher 27 A Matched Set Nov 25th 7:49 AM
C sopranissimo 21 Quinn Nov 22nd 10:19 AM
Need help with Buescher C-Sop 2 WW2 Nov 17th 8:57 PM
CURVED C SOPRANO 9 Peter Hurd Oct 11th 7:46 PM
Harwood C-Soprano 1 alan (uk) Aug 19th 4:46 AM
Got My Buescher C sop!! 3 Martin Aug 2nd 9:36 PM
Wanted! 5 Mindy Blunk Jul 4th 7:59 AM
C-soprano at last... 36 Alan Tucker (UK) May 24th 9:05 AM
Conn C Soprano 15 Bill Hall Mar 10th 7:12 AM
C-Soprano Ergonomics 3 David Munoz (CAN) Feb 21st 4:38 PM
MARTIN C NECK STRAIGHT? 4 Peter Hurd Feb 17th 7:39 PM
Very expensive Buescher lamp.... 4 Alan Tucker (UK) Jan 27th 5:56 AM
Mislabled 2 Bill Hall Jan 21st 4:19 PM
Reeds 2 Laura Jan 7th 3:55 PM
Helmke soprano sax 5 Kflute Dec 30th 4:44 AM
Lyon Healy C soprano Sax by Martin SALE 13 Karen Harris Dec 19th 9:30 AM
Where might I find these? 42 Justin Hawn Dec 13th 1:12 PM
G# Key on Conn C-Sopranos 11 WW2 Nov 28th 12:37 PM
Is this the Intonation Problem 27 Daniel Paladini Sep 23rd 2:01 PM
Pitch Conversion? 5 Don Sep 17th 4:38 PM
My King C-soprano is here! 5 mossite Sep 10th 7:20 AM
C soprano brands 15 David Munoz (CAN) Aug 24th 8:13 PM
York H-gh F and Conn C Sops FS 4 paulwl Aug 13th 5:54 PM
York H-gh F and Conn C Sops FS 4 paulwl Jul 20th 11:43 AM
Soundfile of C-Sorpano? 6 mossite Jul 19th 8:43 PM
How many c-sopranos have been made? 8 mossite Jul 19th 11:51 AM
Just bought a King c-soprano 7 mossite Jul 18th 10:05 AM
Should I hang on to this C-Sop 14 Mike Kelly Jun 24th 1:16 PM
Lenght of a Soprano C-Melody? 2 mossite Jun 21st 12:13 PM
Never played Sax 3 Charlie Bethon May 10th 12:41 PM
C Soprano Pads 1 David Munoz (CAN) Apr 13th 7:28 PM
Putting high E and F keys 4 A Matched Set Feb 19th 3:59 AM
Low Pitch Stencil Question 3 Gilliegorm Nov 11th 7:20 PM
C-Soprano Tuning 10 A MATCHED SET Jun 24th 11:41 AM
Sore Lips on C-Soprano 2 A Matched Set Apr 8th 2:11 PM
Ralph Morgan C-Soprano Mouthpiece 1 A matched Set Mar 7th 10:42 AM
New C Sop Mouthpiece! 1 paulwl Feb 16th 4:32 AM
C SOPRANO ACOUSTICS 14 A matched set Jan 3rd 1:36 PM
Reeds 2 A Matched Set Dec 23rd 3:12 PM
Bb soprano sax with low A 5 A Matched Set Dec 8th 11:53 AM
C Soprano Clarinet 3 Roger Aldridge Dec 4th 4:17 PM
the rare C Soprano mouthpiece 1 a matched set Nov 18th 3:44 PM
History of the C -Soprano Saxophone 2 A Matched Set Sep 28th 3:51 PM
Buescher C-Soprano 7 MojoBari Jul 15th 1:07 PM
High E and F Fingerings 1 MojoBari Jul 12th 9:28 AM
Morgan mouthpiece for C-Sop! 4 WW2 May 8th 3:48 PM
Acoustics 2 A matched set Apr 18th 2:10 PM
A matched set 2 A matched set Apr 15th 1:50 PM
holton '22 c-soprano 2 Simon Noteboom Mar 18th 3:40 PM
Wanted... Pan American C soprano 5 Doc Mar 12th 5:53 PM
Conn C-Soprano sells on eBay 1 WW2 Feb 12th 1:57 PM
Wurlitzer C-Soprano 31 Wade Walker Jan 17th 7:40 PM
Intonation, Mouthpieces, Etc 6 Roger Aldridge Jan 3rd 11:10 AM
Beaufort c soprano sax 2 Robert O'Callaghan Oct 23rd 1:34 PM
C-Soprano to replace FLUTE? 8 Wade Walker May 23rd 9:53 PM
Got my C-Soprano! 2 Wade Walker Apr 12th 12:44 PM