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NOTICE: Beginning July 10th, 2008, this message board service will no longer be active or available for use.
This forum is for all you owners and players of C-Melody Saxophones.
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Thanks for the service, Swirve.com
2 Jul 11th 1:22 AM
Forum Service
Issues about this forum and its service provider.
263 Jul 7th 12:39 PM
Mouthpieces Reeds and Ligatures
This is the most neglected part of the saxophone, yet has the most effect on tone and intonation!
1264 Jul 7th 12:13 PM
Good Natured Banter
Non-Saxophone discussions. Keep it civil please!
2099 Jul 7th 11:32 AM
C-Tenor (C-Melody) Saxophones
Discussion about the most popular of the
1875 Jul 4th 8:01 PM
Other C Instruments (flute, oboe, etc.)
154 Jul 3rd 11:59 PM
C-Soprano Saxophones
Discuss all areas related to soprano saxophones in the key of
783 Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
Buy, sell, or trade saxophone stuff. Buyer beware!!!!!
533 Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
173 Jul 3rd 11:57 PM
General Saxophone Discussion
Talk about all areas related to saxophones!
7 Jul 3rd 8:22 PM
Community and Church Bands
Find a local band. Start a band. Advertise your band!
40 Jun 24th 7:51 PM
Repairs and Refurbishing
850 Jun 23rd 4:04 PM
Neck Straight versus Curved
What is you preference? Which is
89 Jun 23rd 9:12 AM
Make suggestions on the improvement of this site and forum.
110 Jun 22nd 12:16 PM
Media Reviews
Review audio and video releases related to saxophones!
14 Jun 19th 10:06 AM
Music and Arrangements
71 Jun 8th 1:00 PM
Interesting Links
Post links to other sites that may be of interest to visitors of this site.
21 Jun 4th 10:36 AM
Gigs and Gig Advice
11 Mar 23rd 6:53 PM
C-Melody Site Updates
See what has changed on the main
36 Feb 27th 6:20 PM