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This article is about the remake of the original game. For the original, see Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl. For its sequel, see Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl 2. For the sequel to the remake, see Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl Redux 2: The PHP Wars.
POKEY-MAN? One of the hundreds of side quests Nair is adding.

The Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl Redux is an RPG Maker game-in-development that is an extended version of Dunkinbean's original Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl. It is not to be confused with Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl 2, Dunk's official sequel, and will not have any relation to it. It is the joint effort of Archdeco and Dragonair, with help here and there from Christian, LorliChan, Who Cares, Stringer and others.

Some vague amount of time after the Emo War, Archdeco played through MDOMF again and noticed that it didn't have much of an educated depiction of any community besides Khakain. Being the man-about-town that he is, Archdeco started adding tweaks. First it was just adding a few bosses to Squirtle. Then there was an added cutscene/battle with Admiral Mendoza, which Tim was in on. And then Habbo Hotel. And it kind of snowballed from there.

Archdeco liked to brag, so he frequently updated his adoring public. This got Dragonair's attention, and he mentioned that he would make his own additions once Deco was done. Deco decided to cut out the middleman and sent the whole thing to Nair once he was satisfied. Truth be told, if Archdeco had just released his version he would have been booed off the stage because he didn't do any playtesting. Nair, who is not affected by organic limitations, hormones, hunger, or fatigue, put the game through its paces and crunched the variables until it became almost as finely-honed a machine as himself. His true language is one of numbers and he's probably been dreaming of making his own RPG since he was 7. With all the things Nair's adding on to it, it can practically considered a brand new game.

The game has been in development limbo for years now, thanks mostly to Nair's Ragnarok Online addiction. It does get worked on every now and again. Stay tuned.


Strangely, the game has a sequel despite not being completed. Archdeco is working on Manifest Destiny of Max Fichtl Redux 2: The PHP Wars. Since the two games are being developed so closely by largely the same group of people, they share many sprites and plot points.

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