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Title: Re: I miss message boards/Rogue One argument thread
Post by: William on February 13, 2017, 12:23:01 PM
opposite effect for me. rogue one characters seemed more realistic: even faraway galaxies require human (or humanoid) qualities. and they had them, and they were impactful, without relying on painfully rehashed archetypes. force awakens was plasticine with an onslaught of cringy lines and annoying fan service (rogue one's fan service was relatively tame or at least infrequent by comparison) that makes it feel like a fangirl's half-baked attempt at "a follow-up to star wars".

all those post-jedi books-- recently discarded from the canon-- were crafted with far more care than tfa. bare-minimum logic and consistency were tossed out the window with the prevailing excuse that TFA was actually a "soft reboot" moreso than a sequel.