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C Melody Saxophone Forum / Repairs and Refurbishing

TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Saxophone to brass 18 jazzbug1 Jun 22nd 4:54 PM
Finding a new mouthpiece and reeds and m 16 Dianne Jun 2nd 3:06 AM
my method of restoration 7 jazzbug1 May 5th 8:07 AM
Restoring a newly acquired c-mel 11 Jeff May 5th 2:35 AM
Originality or playability? 3 Mal-2k8 May 3rd 8:42 PM
Help with Forked Eb 35 WW2 Apr 13th 7:17 AM
Cleaning satin gold plate 11 Lewis Pelham Apr 12th 10:27 PM
Kudos to JandJ Woodwinds 1 WW2 Apr 10th 3:54 PM
Missed anything obvious ? 68 alan (uk) '08 Mar 21st 8:56 PM
Emergency repair kit 25 Mal-2k8 Mar 12th 8:44 AM
Alternative Materials 71 Alan (UK) Mar 11th 4:39 PM
Metal Epoxy Glue 16 Alan Tucker (UK) Mar 5th 12:06 AM
Question about Snaps 34 WW2 Feb 27th 6:14 PM
frozen rod 47 ukebert Feb 12th 11:03 AM
Later Custom Creations 5 Captain Muggles Dec 20th 1:48 PM
latest custom creations 100 Jeff Frazier Dec 20th 9:28 AM
Moving the strap ring /C-mel 17 Soybean Nov 27th 6:17 PM
Katrina victim 14 Jeff Frazier Nov 10th 9:40 AM
J and J Woodwinds 1 Jeff Frazier Oct 8th 4:57 PM
Removing solder 9 jazzbug1 Sep 13th 2:51 PM
any new projects? 11 jazzbug1 Aug 13th 12:14 AM
dyeing cork? 16 lacurandera Jul 10th 7:02 PM
what's a fair repad price? 13 lacurandera Jul 7th 11:26 PM
springs 9 lacurandera Jul 7th 10:19 PM
what kind of resonator should i choose? 7 lacurandera Jul 5th 8:09 PM
Shellac flakes 2 Captain Beeflat Jun 25th 5:28 AM
My leak light tells lies! 4 Captain Beeflat Jun 25th 12:13 AM
re-pad 6 clyde Jun 11th 7:26 AM
Custom C melody necks 1 Captain Muggles Jun 9th 5:55 PM
White Pads on C Melody 4 Captain Muggles Jun 9th 12:47 PM
silver and gold plating 17 Jeff Frazier May 20th 10:22 PM
Should I do it? 26 WW2 Mar 29th 12:05 PM
Taking Apart and Putting Together 37 FluteRyan Jan 5th 11:32 AM
Spare octave key, Conn Silver plate Cmel 7 ukebert Dec 16th 6:48 AM
Cleaning Solution!? 30 Steve Dec 15th 12:17 AM
Overhauling! 8 WW2 Oct 13th 12:36 PM
neck cork/rubber? 1 Steve Sep 1st 1:56 AM
neck angle? 3 tracer May 29th 1:25 AM
Part needed 2 Jim B May 16th 6:50 PM
Plastic or Metal 3 Paul(UK) May 13th 4:03 AM
Conn C-Mel Re-pad 13 Doug Freeman Feb 19th 12:31 PM
Sax Repair Stand 7 DeanoTheSaxman (UK) Jan 25th 10:29 AM
Lyon & Healy "Buescher" Neck 7 DeanoTheSaxman (UK) Nov 25th 12:48 PM
"UGLY" repairs 24 WW2 Nov 22nd 12:26 PM
G#-C# mod 9 steve Oct 31st 10:30 PM
Dent Eraser 20 DeanoTheSaxman (UK) Oct 27th 5:25 AM
Lengthening G# key? 4 Sam Oct 26th 2:41 PM
Marshmallow Pads 2 DeanoTheSaxman (UK) Oct 25th 10:14 AM
Buescher aux F parts anyone? 1 Lewis Pelham. Jul 1st 4:59 AM
Where to repair? 5 Ben (UK) Jun 30th 3:46 AM
Cleaning silver plate 28 Kokopeli Feb 22nd 5:45 AM
Does anyone know 'Gloger Hnadkraft' 5 Bram (NL) Feb 13th 10:30 AM
Repairs etc. 4 Dougal Jan 19th 3:47 AM
I just recieved a c melody for xmas 2 Josh Jan 7th 3:58 PM
Aquiring C Melody? 3 JC Dec 20th 12:09 PM