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C Melody Saxophone Forum / Mouthpieces Reeds and Ligatures

TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Goldbeck Mouthpiece 14 Les Ford Jul 7th 12:13 PM
Aquilasax C Mel mpc 26 honkytone Jul 7th 12:11 PM
List of New C Melody Mouthpieces 22 TomGK Jul 7th 10:31 AM
bass sax: bar. M.P. 28 jazzbug1 Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
Holton C-Melody 10 Fred Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
Le Blanc 35 Wade Walker Jul 3rd 8:19 PM
C Mel Mouthpiece listing 21 Marshall Jun 21st 3:22 PM
alto on c melody 1 saxotot Jun 9th 2:58 PM
Buescher C melody 37 Dan O Jun 3rd 4:57 AM
Buescher Alto Mouthpiece 9 Sam (IE) May 29th 8:22 AM
What piece for Conn C-Mel w/Micro-Tuner? 1 -88- May 24th 4:39 PM
Sinclair C- mel mouthpiece 23 Jen May 5th 9:55 AM
Harwood C Melody 5 Michael D Apr 16th 11:51 PM
Superial Reed 18 Roger Aldridge Apr 12th 6:53 PM
Runyon C melody mpc 22 Doubler Mar 11th 5:15 PM
Rock'n'Roll on a C Melody 49 Sister Glitz Feb 21st 1:32 PM
Otto Link mouthpieces 4 Captain Muggles Feb 18th 7:26 AM
Reeds 15 jazzbug1 2008 Jan 17th 7:02 AM
mouthpieces in "C "arsenal 25 jazzbug1 Nov 27th 6:22 PM
Goldbeck mouthpiece 3 jazzbug1 Nov 26th 2:11 PM
Morgan C-Melody mouthpiece 1 bryan kendall Nov 14th 9:25 PM
New reeds new website 63 steve Oct 31st 5:11 PM
NEW mouthpiece? 32 Steve Oct 1st 8:30 PM
Dukoff 4 Karen Sep 13th 12:19 AM
Sinclair mouthpiece 16 Jazzbug1 Sep 12th 7:51 AM
Can my mouthpiece be fixed? 26 Eric Sep 6th 1:41 PM
jazzy, kind of dark mouthpiece? 6 lacurandera Jul 9th 9:06 AM
clarinet mouthpiece A 15 jazzbug1 Jul 7th 7:34 PM
French American Reed Company 8 Mark Stamey Jul 6th 5:13 PM
resonators- plated, domed, airtight? 3 lacurandera Jul 2nd 12:23 PM
Aquilasax Metalpro 100 Rob T Jun 13th 1:55 PM
Mouth piece for Bb soprano 9 Ken UK May 18th 5:21 AM
fibracell reeds 9 blue9girl9 Apr 27th 3:37 PM
Zinner Special mouthpiece.. 1 alan (uk) Apr 20th 11:54 AM
Tenor MPC 12 ESB Apr 12th 1:38 PM
Beechler mouthpiece 8 SelmerSaxMan Apr 3rd 5:35 AM
SIL-VA-LAE Mouthpiece 19 Lewis Pelham Apr 3rd 4:15 AM
WWBW Mouthpiece Web Page! 5 WW2 Mar 15th 6:52 PM
Joe Lovano's C-Melody Set Up 31 Roger Aldridge Mar 6th 10:33 AM
Original Wurlitzer mouthpiece 3 SelmerSaxMan Jan 3rd 10:18 AM
Best mpc for Buescher C melody 13 Pepe Nov 7th 12:11 AM
C Mouthpiece with some power? 14 Marshall Oct 16th 1:20 AM
Original Mouthpiece updating 3 Bill Sep 6th 12:19 AM
hegvik 5 Friedrich Aug 30th 11:07 AM
Zinner C-Melody mouthpieces 12 mossite Aug 13th 8:11 PM
Octave vent problems 6 Taris_Whitepaw Aug 7th 5:17 PM
the perfect mouthpiece 36 Steve Jun 27th 5:10 AM
Wurlitzer C Soprano 22 Dean Jun 2nd 4:16 AM
Buescher 3 bruce bailey May 3rd 11:02 PM
Rascher 8 bobky Mar 31st 10:16 AM
Fixing mouthpiece 6 Jim B Mar 24th 7:46 AM
Arnold Brilhart 13 Jim B Mar 5th 3:55 PM
Tuning problem 21 ormahe Mar 4th 2:34 PM
runyon mouthpiece 15 shootmo Jan 14th 12:17 PM
Bug Freeman Mouthpiece 10 Pete Phillips Jan 9th 7:46 AM
French American Reeds 12 Guwapo Dec 27th 8:38 PM
Fix for sloppy tenon? 26 Lewis Pelham. Dec 15th 1:42 AM
MPC with an eagle 4 mossite Dec 6th 8:27 PM
What Mouthpiece(s) Do you use? 7 CMelodyMan Dec 1st 12:13 PM
Like my Zinner 4 Kristen Nov 20th 2:32 PM
I tried this mouthpiece 1 Jim B Nov 9th 2:45 PM
LeBlanc/Woodwind MP 24 Mashall Nov 4th 1:41 PM
Gold Charles Bay Ligatures 3 Roger Aldridge Nov 4th 1:04 PM
calcium deposits in the chamber 7 Martin Oct 25th 6:05 AM
proper mouthoiece for Conn C Mel 22 C Mel Student Oct 25th 5:19 AM
C Melody vs. Tenor mpcs 24 David Ambrogio Oct 13th 8:18 PM
Brilhart Vintage vs Modern 5 TommyT Oct 4th 5:46 AM
C Mel Mouthpieces 1 Fred Sep 7th 8:03 PM
Olds tenor mpc 3 Sam Aug 2nd 11:35 AM
J.J.BABBITT C MEL MPC 3 michael Aug 1st 6:11 PM
Selmer MPC 4 Michael Jul 20th 11:23 AM
in the spirit of cooling things down.... 3 SelmerSaxMan Jun 26th 3:51 PM
Geo M Bundy c melody mouthpiece 4 mossite Jun 20th 7:38 AM
Mouthpiece for Buescher 4 Mona May 29th 10:32 AM
Mouthpiece on Buescher TT 3 Michael M May 17th 6:27 AM
Sinclair C-mel mouthpiece 1 Jen May 16th 2:59 AM
"Power Barrel" for Bb Clarinet 7 Roger Aldridge Apr 15th 11:34 AM
Discovery! 43 Roger Aldridge Apr 15th 4:08 AM
New Star on mouthpiece heaven? 1 mossite Apr 10th 3:14 PM
Where to find a Beechler B6 1 Marshall Mar 9th 2:14 PM
Carl Fischer 1 Timmay Feb 24th 1:46 PM
Zinner Jazz C Melody 3 TomGK Feb 22nd 12:05 PM
Morgan 3C alto and tenor mouthpieces 4 Roger Aldridge Feb 20th 12:37 PM
American Perfections C-Mel 3 Eric Ekstrand Feb 11th 4:41 AM
What's you setup? 29 Wade Walker Feb 10th 2:20 PM
Vito Mouthpiece 2 Dean Bailey Feb 9th 7:32 AM
Mouthpiece or Maintenance` 5 Chris Feb 7th 7:07 AM
Beechler Reed Issue 30 TomGK Feb 7th 12:08 AM
MPC to Horn Match? 1 Roger Aldridge Feb 3rd 8:30 AM
Alto Mouthpiece(s) on C-Melody sax 18 Alan Tucker (UK) Feb 2nd 3:10 PM
Mouthpieces and Ligatures 4 Nic Jan 29th 10:57 AM
LeBlanc Tip Opening? 3 TomGK Jan 23rd 10:35 PM
Beechler ARB Metal, Ligature Replacement 7 Kyle Jan 20th 8:46 AM
Chedeville C melody? 6 RDB Jan 7th 2:57 PM