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C Melody Saxophone Forum / Marketplace

TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Conn Multivider 3 TommyT Jul 3rd 11:58 PM
FS:Buescher C Melody 11 TomGK Jun 23rd 9:25 AM
anybody got a spare mouthpiece? 11 Sue Jun 22nd 4:54 PM
Holton Metal MP wanted 28 jazzbug1 Jun 21st 4:38 AM
Buescher C Melody for sale 3 Tom Jun 8th 2:06 AM
Wanted: C-Soprano 7 WW2 May 30th 9:52 AM
Goldbeck mouthpiece 21 Jukka Perko May 26th 8:48 AM
Why ? 20 cmelodysax-uk Apr 25th 5:11 PM
Buescher Low Tone for sale 2 Blacksax Mar 27th 2:42 PM
Value on 2 Selmer saxophones 2 Genno Mar 17th 8:59 AM
HN White King C Melody for sale 3 Mark Mar 6th 5:15 PM
C MELODY EARLY FOR SALE ON EBAY!!! 29 Jamal Mar 6th 11:53 AM
Holton = Buescher? 6 bruce bailey 2008 Mar 4th 8:46 AM
Buescher 400 3 G.Fosha Feb 2nd 6:47 PM
WANTED !SELMER "Paris"C melody 16 markman Jan 20th 5:24 AM
FS/FT: Buescher C Melody 12 bruce bailey Dec 28th 5:55 PM
Buescher for sale 2 Pepe Dec 11th 12:09 AM
Gorgeous Cmel for Sale 2 Sam (NJ) Dec 11th 12:08 AM
Buescher C mel mp 1 bfahle Dec 6th 2:14 PM
Vintage Buescher MP 55-812 (M) Trade? 1 TommyT Dec 3rd 10:29 AM
C Melody Cases 9 jazzbug1 Nov 23rd 12:30 AM
Conn C Soprano FS 1 bruce bailey Oct 28th 1:57 AM
WTB: King C Mel mpc 1 Warren McLean Oct 27th 7:25 PM
brand new c melody on eBay 2 ukebert Sep 19th 10:58 PM
Conn C Mel restored 2 jp Sep 14th 6:10 AM
Lyon & Healy American Professional 4 Dave Wondra Sep 5th 4:51 PM
Holton and Conn C sopranos 2 Sax4Christ Aug 31st 8:50 AM
Runyon C Melody mouthpiece for sale 1 Andrew Jul 28th 9:18 PM
Abbott Premier C-mel 5 CP2 May 3rd 9:12 PM
Novice with a C Mel 7 Marshal Mar 15th 7:00 AM
Buescher Stencil 3 Paul (UK) Mar 14th 1:41 PM
C Melody on Ebay 5 Ruben Mar 8th 4:58 AM
C melody price 12 Robert van den Bergh Feb 22nd 4:21 PM
2nd hand alto for beginner 8 Steve Feb 22nd 12:35 PM
Tenor sale 9 martin (uk) Feb 21st 5:56 PM
selmer 6 ian thomson Jan 23rd 7:37 PM
C-soprano for sale 3 miko sloper Jan 23rd 1:01 PM
C-Soprano for Sale on eBay 14 WW2 Jan 9th 11:02 PM
Straight Neck Conn Microtuner on Ebay 5 WW2 Dec 21st 10:28 AM
need neck 16 jazzbug1@aol.com Dec 19th 3:58 PM
correct price for conn 8 alessio Dec 15th 3:41 AM
Martin Committee Tenor Sax 4 Alan (UK) Dec 4th 5:13 PM
Yet another delusional Ebay vendor? 3 Captain Muggles Nov 18th 5:24 AM
Buescher Stencil.. FOR SALE 1 Tom Bongiorno Nov 17th 8:11 AM
Another Delusional Ebay Seller 16 Captain Muggles Nov 9th 7:45 PM
FS Beechler C mouthpiece 2 cavedave Nov 8th 12:53 PM
Victory saxophones 2 Jim Lloyd Nov 4th 1:30 PM
c sax for sale 4 rob Oct 31st 3:43 PM
Evette/Schaeffer 1921 15 suss Oct 19th 11:33 AM
WTB Conn or Conn stencil C bell 1 Doc Frazier Oct 19th 9:52 AM
Stencil Buescher C Melody? For Sale 3 Candy Bowden Sep 24th 2:01 PM
VITO c melody for sale 1 mossite Sep 22nd 4:18 PM
sell on ebay? 7 suss Sep 6th 9:51 PM
International order question 4 ukebert Sep 5th 9:09 AM
Pelham Conn on eBay 1 ukebert Aug 3rd 4:47 AM
ALTO sax C MELODY LOW PITCH 8 John May 30th 8:13 PM
F Alto / Mezzo Soprano For Sale 3 Rob T May 28th 5:05 PM
two Buescher c-mel bodies and 1 neck 2 WW2 May 19th 5:34 PM
Best venue for selling a sax? 1 TomGK May 8th 10:37 AM
Need another C Melody 4 jdelaney99 May 4th 9:26 PM
FS Buescher C Melody 2 cavedave May 4th 6:43 PM
new reeds Gig bags 1 Steve Apr 26th 4:59 AM
pivot screws 6 cavedave Apr 7th 4:14 AM
Straight-neck Martin C-Mel 4 cmelodysax-uk Apr 6th 3:31 PM
Rascher Mouthpiece 3 bobky Mar 30th 6:52 AM
A sign? 11 ukebert Mar 26th 7:01 PM
Do Your Homework! 4 Captain Muggles Mar 25th 4:42 PM
Selmer C Melody 7 Eric Dunlop Mar 22nd 4:34 AM
c melody wanted 4 george davidson Mar 16th 5:32 PM
Holton C melody 2 Doc Frazier Mar 14th 4:27 PM
Buescher Two-Tone True-Tone 2 cmelodysax-uk Mar 4th 3:25 PM
contrabass clarinet 2 David Munoz (CAN) Feb 24th 5:40 AM
Here's something you don't always see 1 ukebert Feb 12th 1:59 PM
Buescher wanted 3 Jay Wilson Feb 10th 5:09 PM
1919 conn c melody 2 Deebo Feb 8th 4:23 AM
WTB: Martin Tenor Handcraft 1 TomGK Feb 6th 5:00 PM
FS: Zinner Klassik c-mel mpc new 3 mossite Feb 6th 10:56 AM
Runyon C Melody Mouthpiece 7 DeanoTheSaxman Feb 6th 8:11 AM
Wanted: Conn Straight Neck 1 GENW Feb 5th 5:28 PM
Wanted Selmer C* CMel MPC 3 Bill Rafferty Jan 30th 3:57 AM
1922-23 C-mel for sell 1 narey Dec 24th 2:52 PM
Buescher C melody for sale 2 Gino Dec 23rd 1:37 AM
FS Noblet Saxophone 3 Lori Dec 5th 4:11 PM
FS/FT: Morgan 5L Tenor MPC 5 Roger Aldridge Dec 2nd 6:36 AM
FS/FT: Older Classique Tenor/Clar Reeds 1 Roger Aldridge Nov 30th 7:30 AM
I'm back! 7 Mindy Blunk Nov 28th 3:02 PM
Relisted..yet again 7 Chiff Nov 24th 5:31 AM
Wanted: Buescher 200,xxx plus 14 Sam Nov 22nd 5:15 PM
FS: Lelandais Tenor MPC 9 Roger Aldridge Nov 22nd 2:13 PM
SuperTone C Melody sn 54844LP 8 APerkins01096 Nov 19th 2:27 PM
FS: Francois Louis Tenor & Clarinet Ligs 4 Roger Aldridge Nov 17th 9:19 AM
Cheap Buescher stencil going shortly... 4 cmelodysax-uk Nov 15th 3:13 AM
Wanted: F Alto 7 Deutschtoven Nov 12th 2:31 PM
FS: 2 Morgan tenor mpcs 3 Roger Aldridge Oct 28th 7:03 AM
C Melody Hard Case 1 DeanoTheSaxman (UK) Oct 21st 4:20 PM